10 TIPS TO STAY HAPPY AT WORK - 13 October 2015


For some work can become tedious or annoying, which may lead to an unhappy working situation. This could develop into a serious health problem such as stress and cause severe negative impact on a person's life. This coupled with the fact that work is such an essential part of our day to day lives means it is vital that you stay happy. Here are 10 simple tricks to follow to help you have a happier time at work.

Personal problems should be kept that way. By having personal problems invade your working life it leaves you preoccupied, unfocused and just plain unproductive. The same goes for the vice versa letting working problems in to your personal life will keep you fatigued and feeling down. The two need to be kept apart for a happy way of life. Although, it's understandable for some things to be shared such as emergency details and co-workers becoming friends.

Make your space your own. People in full time jobs will spend more time during their weekdays at work than awake at home so it is essential that you surround yourself with things you enjoy, create a home away from home, this will help you feel more comfy and relaxed.

Having an office support system in place. By having like-minded people with similar backgrounds and lifestyles working together can help release the pressure and understand each other pretty well.

Maintain a good diet. Eating balanced and healthy meals and keeping your body hydrated through water/liquid consumption can seriously affect energy levels and as a consequence work output and job satisfaction.

Keeping organised. Create a working schedule/timetable/work diary/calendar. Something that will help you stay on track and tell you exactly what tasks you'll be doing at what time. By not having something like this you could start procrastinating and being over encumbered with pieces of work.

Staying active. Working in a slow paced job such as at a desk or computer can cause tiredness and muscle tension so by keeping lively whenever you have the chance can relieve these. Maybe when you have a break use that chance to take a short walk which could make you feel much better and put you in a happier frame of mind.

Embrace your co-workers. Your co-workers are people too, some may seem strange and some may have personalities you want to change but you can't so try and relax and get on with each other as much as possible as you're going to be spending a lot of time together. Try to resolve conflicts hastily, stay away from awkward situations and take people at face value.

Have a treat. When you do something good give yourself a reward. This gives you something to strive for in the working environment and will especially help in mundane job types. The treat doesn't have to be job related and can be something you do at home such as hang out with friends, go out for dinner, and see a film. By making the most of your indulgences in your spare time it'll feel as though you're working towards something and work will just fly by.

Take a rest. Don't tire yourself out. Working too hard for too long can cause fatigue and make you feel demotivated. Taking a rest allows your brain and body to take a breather and will rejuvenate your energy levels, readying you for the next batch of tasks.

Stay positive. Be a glass half full type of person. Try and stay optimistic throughout your work day and see the good side of all the things you do. Having a negative attitude can cause you to stress over every little detail and start to become overwhelming. If you stay positive you'll help keep your mood joyful and this'll help you enjoy your work day and your overall time at work.

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