A New Year - a new approach? - 20 December 2018

A New Year - a new approach?

Why virtual offices are great for start-ups

Starting a business is no easy task, there are so many factors to success. In our age of connectivity giving us the ability to work from anywhere, is high on the list – after all start-ups don't want to be lumbered with the cost of running a physical office space.

The costs of rent, phone lines, bills and maintenance alone makes a traditional office space out of the reach of many start-ups. They seldom have spare cash.

But working from a home office, or the local coffee shop has its downsides. Having your business address as your home address with no access to meeting rooms, let alone a receptionist, can make a fledging business seem amateurish.

But in recent years a new solution has become more common, that offers the best of both worlds – the services of a full office but without the cost of the space itself – in other words - a virtual office. And it might be the perfect solution for your business.

So, what is a virtual office?

A virtual office gives you access to office services wherever you work – virtually. This is not an actual, physical office space but offers functions such as an inner-city postal address, a business phone number, access to professional meeting rooms (as part of a package or for additional cost).

A virtual offices gives you the benefits of a full, functioning office space whilst you work from any of your devices from any location. You can benefit from the professional image of a traditional office without the need to commit to one.

How can a virtual office benefit me?

There are a good number of benefits for start-up businesses:

1. Cost
This is the obvious one! Renting a virtual office can start from as little as £10 a month for basic packages up to £200 per month for a premium package with more services and benefits. It's a question of finding what suits you best. And it's always easy to upgrade or downgrade as your business changes.

2. Professional image
Other than cost, the main benefit of a virtual office is the degree of professionalism it gives your business. Having a business address, a business phone number and a professional meeting space can be as important as your branding and presentation when it comes to clients deciding if you are a trustworthy business. Appearing professional and well-established can be key to winning new business.

3. Improved communications
How much time do you spend on answering calls? If you opt for a package that comes with a telephone answering service, you can save a lot of time on answering calls and concentrate on the important parts of running the business.

4. Flexibility and productivity
The main benefit of remote working is the ability to work anywhere, at any time. This flexibility has become an essential part of modern work life. With a virtual office, you can maintain this work style while providing your clients with the idea of stability.

Where you work and when you work is down to you - there's no need for a client not to be dealt with while you are out on the school run.

It's considered to be a boost to productivity too. With less time spent commuting, you can fit work around other commitments, working when you feel most lively.

In short, virtual offices are cost-effective to operate a professional office without the need to invest in a physical space. The pros more often outweigh the cons. A decision to go virtual could take your business to the next level.

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