When running any kind of business (as we all know), it's important to keep a note of what the company's money is being spent on.

In this regard, it can sometimes be troublesome finding office space that not only meets your needs, but also meets your limited budget, especially small businesses that have to focus on bringing in a profit for their own breadline.

But, that said, with a little bit of clever research, there is no reason why you can't obtain that office space you need, while still remaining in budget – you just need to find a commercial office company that offers a flexible service for your needs.

To select the right kind of office, you first need to ascertain as to why you need an office. For example, you may be a sales person who only uses his/ her computer for brief periods or you may want an office simply so your personal and work lives are kept separate. Evidently, a full office rental may not suit your needs – an alternative could be to consider a virtual office - Not only would this provide you with a contact point for your customers, but you can also employ other services such as call-handling and general administration.

A virtual office is a superb solution for businesses that don't have capacity or the funds to invest in an permanent office location – not only does it ensure your business looks more credible and runs more smoothly, but it would give you more time to focus on the more important aspects of the business.

Options are plentiful when it comes to office space nowadays so remember that the office provider/ business centre should be on hand to offer you sound advice that offers a tailored and appropriate solution for your business.

Foxhall Business Centres are an established, family run business that offers three Nottingham venues, all ideal for growing businesses to rent, as well as offering complete virtual address/ virtual office space for those that want a professional start.

To discuss your office needs, call 0800 027 4832

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