Why Serviced Offices Are Here to Stay - 14 August 2019

Why Serviced Offices Are Here to Stay

Busting Commonly Held Myths

Serviced offices continue to grow in popularity as the needs of businesses evolve with technological advances playing a major role.

Yet, despite serviced offices losing their once commonly held reputation for being the poorer relation, there are still many myths that circulate about running a business from managed office space. Undoubtedly, these myths can put off businesses that would otherwise benefit hugely.

So, what are the most common myths?

Only start-ups and small businesses are right for serviced offices

Serviced offices are most popular with start-up businesses and are also used by individual entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to one-person space. The idea that these offices are only for this type of business has developed but the truth is that serviced offices play an important role in the growth and future planning of much larger organisations. They can take office space on a more flexible basis and positively affect their bottom line.

Serviced offices are commonly used when an established business is testing the market, developing a satellite office or expanding their project space. Equally, it's a great way to expand available meeting space or create a safe, independent environment away from daily cut and thrust of the main office.

Serviced offices are expensive

With all the services provided in serviced offices (technology infrastructure, meeting rooms, reception services) it is not unreasonable to think that they would be more expensive than leasing traditional office space.

But, despite rental costs appearing higher, it covers an all-inclusive package that sidesteps the hidden costs of setting up, managing and maintaining your own space. With many providers offering a range of packages it is easy to find one that best suits your needs.

The rental cost in serviced office spaces includes rent, furniture, service charges, insurance, business rates, cleaning, utilities and reception services. Depending on which provider you sign up with you might get access to other facilities such as parking, bike storage, gym facilities and showers. Others have in-house bars and social meeting spots.

When you consider the typical overheads of running a traditional office space more closely, serviced offices invariably offer a more cost-effective solution.

Serviced offices aren't as safe

Most providers cater for a great many businesses, each receiving regular visitors and all on the same site. Naturally, some believe this inevitably increases security risks. But serviced offices providers have a vested interest in the safety of the businesses on their sites and spend a lot on security to ensure safety. Most offices have security cameras and robust entry systems, all visitors must sign in via reception and are logged on entry and exit. So, all in all, security is likely to be more robust.

Serviced offices are unprofessional and unproductive

These are both common misconceptions about managed office spaces. Serviced offices provide the highest level of professional facilities that will help create the most professional image for your business. On top of this with the administrative services on offer, you can depend on this being delivered to the highest possible standard.

Their livelihood depends on it.

In terms of productivity, there are still business owners that believe that co-working, remote working and flexible working are unproductive, even with the evidence suggesting otherwise.

However, working in a serviced, co-working office space puts staff directly into contact with highly motivated people working at their own pace, managing their own time. The evidence is very clear. Productivity increases across all areas of work.

Serviced offices are only good as a short-term solution

This is simply not the case. Most providers offer flexible leases from a month up to over 12 months with cancelling or renewing made as simple as possible. Businesses only need to pay for the time and the specific space that they require. This is perfect for companies that are expanding or have constantly changing needs.

Businesses can't give the space their own identity

This is not as easy as in your own office space, but most providers allow businesses to decorate offices in any way they wish. Soundproofing the workspace, adding glass partitions, putting up branding and other art and creating private spaces is often encouraged. Happy clients are after all likely to stay longer.

Switching to a serviced office is complicated

It couldn't be simpler. All you need is a laptop and you're pretty much good to go! Turn-up and plug and play. Everything is there from the moment you enter the building.

All in all, moving into a serviced office set-up will be largely stress-free.


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